The financial sector in the U.K. is a complex beast... Katherine was able to ingest, understand and then deliver above and beyond. Always with open and clear communication; across the very broad spectrum of retail/corporate and investment sectors. 

She excelled in Value Added Messaging. This project had multiple requirements and a global footprint. As always Katherine sought clarity, then delivered within an extremely tight timeframe. To be honest, by then I wasn't really surprised. 

A pleasure to not only work with, but someone who delivers real value when it matters and with integrity to her trade

Thank you Katherine!

J Gill, HSBC

Kath was not only good fun to work with, but the results spoke volumes about her ability to engage with people she was obtaining information from, both in gaining the details and being understanding of their workloads, and then in understanding what the brief was for the client/external use.

Kath is very methodical in her work and also in her reporting, keeping all stakeholders informed and up to date and I would definitely recommend her for any role in the future - or have her back should the need arise.

Amanda Speirs, VolkerWessels UK

Katherine Hofmeyr edited my PhD in 2005. I thought I merely needed an editor to smooth out the tangles of my prose, and that this would be her only responsibility. Instead, she turned out to be part psychologist, part best friend, part strict grammarian and part genius who was able to find threads that were running in the wrong direction and draw them back to meaning.  

Katherine is a master of words, a writer of wit and precision, and a highly intelligent grammarian. She is also kind, generous and patient when working with a writer, and this surpasses mere talent or technical skill as the thing that makes her a genuinely brilliant editor. Thank you for an intervention in my own writing career that I will forever remember, and cherish.

Lauren van Vuuren, PhD, University of Cape Town

I worked with Katherine on a large-scale website migration project at ACCA. Katherine is a fast-learner with exceptional attention to detail. Her contribution to transferring a large number of country sites to Adobe CQ5 was invaluable. She was dependable, professional and helpful.

Angela Braun, ACCA

I worked with Katherine on the migration and content design of the new Westminster website. Katherine is diligent with a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach to web content. She maintained a sense of humour during hectic periods and kept her cool, always focused on the task in hand.

Nicholas Laws, University of Westminster

Katherine was a great help in building my sales through Amazon, helpful, responsive, quick and efficient and fun to work with.

Leslie Phipps, Hachette Book Group

Katherine played an instrumental role in the completion of my PhD in English. Her understanding of film and its relationship with culture was invaluable to the drafting of the final chapter, and her skill in editing was instrumental to the finalisation of it. Definitely would recommend her as a consultant or editor for anything that demands clear and insightful language and expression.

Chris McWade, PhD, University of the Witwatersrand

I have utilized Katherine's editing services a couple of times and was very happy with the results. We regularly get content from our staff which we want to publish but it's either too technical for public consumption or just not well written. We would send it all to Katherine with a deadline and get concise, easy-to-read results which went straight to the media.

Colin Thornton, Dial a Nerd

Katherine provided excellent management, with clear direction and an eagle-eyed attention to house style, copy accuracy and the meeting of deadlines. She was always available to provide guidance and training.

Alyn Adams, FHM





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