With 15 years' experience editing content for postgraduate students, international firms, government and professionals, Not Lost for Words offers a range of editing services:

Academic dissertations

Writing a dissertation is an excursion into the unknown, of which three parts tend to be the most challenging.

  1. Framing the research question itself. This requires the application of a set of critical filters, like refining scope, accessibility of data, data tractability and so on. Getting this right – and right up front – is vital.

  2. Developing your research instrument. This must be:

    • concise,

    • logically aligned to the research question and

    • manageable.

  3. Drafting an eloquent and compelling argument in your final writing up of the research​.

Editing isn’t just proofreading – knowing when to say “who” or “whom”, for example, or choosing between “discreet” and “discrete”. A good editor will help restructure your existing argument for maximum impact and comprehensiveness. A good editor will be able to pinpoint the perfect tone of voice to reach your audience.

Reports and case studies

Gathering research is one thing, but the subsequent task of working data into a coherent format for a professional audience can be an even bigger challenge. 

Complex, technical language is something even experts - sometimes especially experts - can find very difficult to translate into accessible, user-friendly and engaging language that a lay audience can understand.

Not Lost for Words can turn your research and technical expertise into a piece of work your audience will want to read.

CVs and motivational statements

Hitting precisely the right note in your curriculum vitae can make the difference between being invited for an interview or winding up on the recycling pile. The same goes for covering letters and essays of motivation.

Make sure you present your best self in applying for that dream position. Not Lost for Words will work with you to craft an application package that is brief but has the maximum impact on potential employers.

Even the most brilliant people can find it difficult to express their astute, creative ideas. Why not bring in the experts to help you say exactly what you mean, and say it engagingly?

Not Lost for Words has helped to produce articulate, well-reasoned MBA, PhD and MSc dissertations simply by enhancing the quality of the language used. We have wrangled reams of data into a successful government report. We also provide editing services on curricula vitae, articles, blog posts, evaluation reports, annual financial reports and case studies.

Editing services




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